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Parking and garage

Parking and garage

It is forbidden to park in the area on other than designated parking spaces. It is allowed to unload and on a car for 10 minutes. Controlla responsible for guarding the illegally parked cars and issuing parking tickets.

The Board can not affect Controllas decision on fines.

When you move, you are recommended to contact Controlla by phone 031-23 00 00th

Visitor parking is payable either in the parking meter or mobile.

The fee for visitors parking is 4 SEK / hour or 30 SEK / day.

If you want to rent or terminate your existing parking lot or garage, contact the manager via e-mail:


State your name, Social Security number, apartment number (3siffror), phone number and from where you want to rent or from the date of termination of the parking lot or garage to be valid.

Valet parking or garage space is:

Parking - 150 kr / month

Garage - 480 kr / month

Minimum rental period is 3 months.

The fee is charged by invoice from Riksbyggen in the same as the fee for your apartment is charged.